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Mobile call ends search for missing boagospelhitzt operator after 12-hour search Copyright by KOIN – All rights reserved James Lefebvre’s wife, Natalie, has since seen her husband’s body and said it may be g더킹카지노one – May 12, 2017 (KOIN) [ – ] Video

KOIN 6 News Staff – PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A woman who saw her husband’s body and described her husband’s final moments in a court hearing has called out the police and the coroner to help find his remains.

It’s a desperate message to authorities and their families.

Jennifer Lefebvre told KOIN 6 News her husband was a boat engineer on the San Francisco Bay Area’s coast who was going on a tour and had dropped off at her home in Portland during the night. He never called to say hello again.

“I saw him laying on his couch, he was smiling, he was laughing, it was like he was playing with us,” Lefebvre told KOIN 6 News. “It was such a beautiful moment for us.”

Lefebvre said she got out of bed around 8 a.m. that morning and went to the living room with her husband, who’s in his 80s.

She said when she returned home from the couch, James Lefebvre was gone, “just missing.”

She said she ran out to the backyard and the first thing she thought was, “Is he dead?” When she went back to the바카라 living room her husband was gone as well.

When she called police, “they said it was a homicide.” But the first time she called police, she said she wasn’t sure if she should report her husband missing.

“After I called, I thought, am I going to miss my husband?” Lefebvre said.

That night she received a text message, asking her if she thought she was “going to miss a little brother?”

Lefebvre wrote in the message, “Yes, he is still missing.”

“It made me angry. I told my husband that this was so bad that it probably could have killed him. But I was like, don’t worry. He is gone. He will not be found,” she said.

After getting out of the bedroom, she called a friend to come in to check on him and get a better look at what was going on.

By 9:45 p.m. the missing ma